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Preaching the art of wellness


As the leading halal-certified company in Hong Kong, HANIhalal’s events team orchestrates comprehensive and bespoke Halal training programs and events that foster wholesomeness in individuals and in business.


Dedicated, professional and trend-setting, our dynamic team provides one-stop-shop solutions offering
consultation, talent development; product research and development, sourcing and merchandising,
branding and packaging from strategy formulation to execution.

We work with NGOs, local Muslim organizations and other stakeholders to steer change for the benefits of the community and Halal business, and connect unaffiliated local Halal products providers for collective intelligence.


Email us to enquire about our latest events, seminars and workshops.

The aim of this workshop is to provide the appropriate information on current issues of Halal awareness.

Our Halal Consultant team in Hong Kong provides expert Halal Certification 清真認證 Consultancy services to ensure that your products are export ready and meet the requirements of Muslim consumers. Our experienced team will provide you with the necessary guidance and food management expertise to ensure that your products are certified Halal compliant.

Contact us for more information.


Halal Awareness Program


Halal products are not just sort after by the Muslim community but are also gaining popularity with the masses due to the virtues extolled.

Halal Awareness Program

Let's explore endless opportunity in halal industry. Main objective of this Seminar is to focus on understanding and knowledge in Halal Product Concept. 

Halal Introduction Seminar

The halal market is estimated to be worth US$580 billion a year globally. Seminars related to Halal and Muslim Tourism from the recent situation of demand of Halal. “Introduction of Halal and Its Strategies in Company"

Want to learn how to apply your own halal certification? How to grow your business with muslim customers? Follow our guidelines

Halal Certification Checklist

Here we provide you checklist for being halal to help maintaining things on track. Halal Foundation Program is all about helping our clients to get the things done.

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