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Recognized by EU's Dermatologists! Certified Organic! 


Its high laurel oil content gives the soap of Aleppo beneficial properties recognized by dermatologists! 


Specially designed for the hygiene of extremely dry skin or with severe acne, psoriasis or eczema.


The traditional Aleppo soap containing the maximum possible of 40% laurel oil (55% of olive oil).


A great soap is rich in laurel that brings all the force of the laurel for a daily cleansing. Recommended for the hygiene of the body, face and hair, especially for problematic and sensitive skins. Soap with no color dyed and no fragrance added.


Hand cut and dried in the open air for nine months.  The weight and dimensions are taken from the fresh soap before drying**. 


*However, due to its high level of laurel oil, it is advised to cautiously test this soap before using it as your regular cleansing product.

**These values may slightly vary from one soap to another.

Zeyna Aleppo Soap with 40% Laurel Berry Oil - 190g

  • Ingredients: 

    Olive oil (sodium olivate), bay laurel oil (sodiumlaurate) minimum 40% of the total oils, water (aqua) about 5%, lye (sodiumhydroxide) trace of lye from the saponification.


    Country of Origin: France

    Certifed Organic