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全球首款以天然 miswak 及天然礦石製成牙刷頭的牙刷,免用牙膏,天然礦石能釋放大量負離子,潔浄牙齒及清除牙菌膜,有效預防蛀牙和牙周病。


若寶寶很抗拒牙膏,媽咪可選擇日本製 Crystal Miswak,Miswak 加負離子技術,不用牙膏也可以刷得很乾淨😁。






First in the World - Kids Miswak Toothbrush


Especially for children, Mizuha has developed Crystal Marines toothbrushes with fun pens in the shape of ocean dwellers.


Crystal Marines toothbrush bristles are also saturated with natural ceramics, which produce a large number of negative ions that remove plaque without toothpaste.  Children who do not like toothpaste themselves will start brushing their teeth. Your child will no longer eat toothpaste!


Safe and proven Japan-made toothbrushes support everyday