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IMC水觸媒持續抗菌液 - 抗菌新方向


[日本製造 無酒精 清真認證 ]



Inorganic Metal Catalyst水觸媒是由日本專家宮本大樹博士所研發且獲世界專利的高科技領先技術,可⻑效分解及控制室內環境中物體、物件、材料等釋放的揮發性有機有害污染物,

例如甲醛、乙醛、苯、甲苯、二甲苯、等 VOCs,以及空氣中游離的揮發性有害污染物質,






家居專用 室內全面抗菌

只需要在各種有需要抗菌的面積(如手機、口罩表面、衣物、門柄、車廂、地板等)噴一次,IMC 水觸媒即有效覆蓋物質,並上形成網格狀的導膜,










  • 可有效抗肺炎桿菌、金黃葡萄菌、綠膿菌及大腸菌
  • 符合國際安全標準 



Inorganic Metal Catalyst

[Made in Japan   |  Halal Certified ]

Continuous antimicrobial and Sanitizing Spray 100ml


The IMC Water Catalyst Anti Virus and Sanitizing Spray are multi-functional and effective in antibacterial and mildew proof.  It can help to build a protective antibacterial coverage continuously in different situation and objects. Under the serious condition of flu and new coronavirus, the IMC Water Catalyst Anti Virus and Sanitizing Spray can help you a lot in antibacterial.


Perfect for indoor use 

All you need is to spray it on various areas such as mobile phones, mask surfaces, clothing, door handles, car compartments, floors, etc. The Inorganic Metal Catalyst will effectively cover the objects and form a grid-like film.  It will attach on the surface of the object to produce free radicals.  The free radicals will absorb the positron of the bacteria in order to make it shrink and difficult to grow.   Therefore, the surface sprayed with the IMC is antibacterial and antiviral.



With outstanding functions and characteristics, IMC water catalysts are widely used in different areas. The IMC water catalysts can perform well from the hygiene of the home and car compartment to the social environment or even in industrial production. It makes every area become antibacterial.





INORGANIC METAL CATALYST 日本製 IMC水觸媒持續抗菌液 - 你的抗菌新方向

HK$750.00 一般價格
  • 成份:混合物、燐酸二氧化鈦系化合物、二氧化鈦化合物

    Ti(OH)x(OR)4-x 1.24%以上,
    Ti(OH)x(Si)2-x 0.088%以上



    1. It has passed the Japanese industrial test, and the efficacy will only start to decline after 5000 times of friction. Most other objects such as walls and furniture can generally be maintained for a minimum of three years (unless the physical nature of the object is destroyed). There is a stratum corneum, so it can generally last several to more than ten hours
    2. There is generally no expiration date after opening
    3. Shake well before use, because the 4 chemicals in it will precipitate
    4. Water catalyst has no bactericidal effect, it is continuous anti-bacterial and anti-virus
    5. After the water catalyst comes into contact with air moisture, free radicals-OH are generated. When the free machine contacts the viral protein membrane, the -e ions in the protein membrane are sucked out by OH, and the virus withers after being inactivated


    About the IMC Water Catalyst 

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