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Non fried Instant Noodles made from 100% Hokkaido wheat and Mongolia Water.

Worried about metabolic syndrome and avoiding ramen noodles? Here is an instant ramen product friendly to your body.


This Ramen noodle use natural materials, low in calories, healthy and Halal certified.


Cooking method
1. Put 500cc - 550cc of water in a pot and bring to boil. Put in Ramen and cookfor approx 5 minutes. (adjust water quantity and cooking time as desired)
2. When cooked, turn off heat, add the powder soup from sachet and stir well.
3. Add Spring Onion, Leek or Menma as you prefer.




Noodle: Wheat, starch, sea salt, natural brine water

Powderd soup: white & red soybean paste powder, sea salt, starch, spices, seasoning (plant amino acids), caramel color,


We can ensure you for a FULL MEAL from this tasty Ramen! 


Japanese Ramen - Miso, Shoyu and Salt

  • Weight: 80g

    How to store: Keep away from direct sunlight, high temperature and high humidity.Also keep away from items which have a strong odour as this smell may permeate the noodles.

    Made in Japan
    *Halal Certification by Japan Islamic Trust

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