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Gelatine sheet is the best gelatine agent. Simple to use, sets clearer and with a smoother consistency, giving you greater control over your finished dish.Gelatine is an odourless, tasteless and colourless thickening agent, which when dissolved in hot water and then cooled, forms a jelly. It's useful for many purposes such as jelling molded desserts and salads, thickening cold soups and glazing.This Silver Grade gelatine sheet is Halal certified with Bovine (beef) origin, manufactured from 100% bovine collagen from cow skin. All the processing is carried out under the strictest control. The finished product is of the highest quality.

Made in Germany


Origin: GermanyNet Weight: 1kg (approx. 2.5g x 400 sheets)Halal certified產地: 德國淨重: 1千克 (約 2.5g x 400 片)清真認證

EWALD Gelatine Sheets Halal Certified 清真魚膠片

  • Easy & quick preparation. Just allow gelatine sheets to soak in cold water. Ready to use in approx. 5 minutes.


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