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Kids Love Unicorns - White Unicorn

A Unicorn is a mythical creature, kids love Unicorn for its True, Pure Self. 

Decoria Jelly Lollipop is one of the best lollipops in the world

~~Everyone deserves a magical life~





* 韓國入口

* * 不含豬骨膠

* * 不含人造色素

* * HACCP, ISO, 淸真認証 


Cocomong Lollipop

* Direct from Korean

* * No pork gelatin

* * No artificial colouring

* * HACCP, ISO,  Halal certified *


#HaniHalal #HalalCandy #halaljellylollipop #pectincandy #noporkgelatin #halalinhongkong #香港清真食品


Weight 重量: 30gram

Packing: 12 pieces/box


Decoria Hand Decorated Jelly Lollipop - Orange

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