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ARIHA Medjoul Dates 250gram/box

The King of Dates A-Grade (Medium size) Medjoul dates sourced from Jericho, Palestine Medjoul dates are a large, plump variety with a soft and succulent texture that became known as the ‘Fruit of Kings’ centuries ago, reserved only for royalty and their guests. They are very sweet and rich that they were prized above all other dates.ARIHA dates are sourced from local Palestinian farmers and are a vital source of income in this area.Taste the love. Taste the perseverance.[TASTE THE LOVE & PERSEVERANCE]


【感受愛與堅忍】ARIHA帝皇棗來自當地的巴勒斯坦農民,是該地區重要的收入來源。感受愛,感受堅忍。 【新貨到港上- 優質A級帝皇棗250g】一盒大約有13-15粒,口感乾爽帶焦糖味,全天然無添加糖,2-3粒約137卡路里。


Limited stock !

ARIHA Medjoul Medium 250gram

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