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Advice To My Son

Ibn al-Jawzi


One of the most well-known and prolific scholars of classical Islam, Ibn al-Jawzi is best-known for his exegeses of the Quran and Hadith. Advice To My Son is a concise book of advice written to one of his sons who had strayed from the straight path. Comprising sixteen reminders and ranging in subject matter from heart-softeners to encouragement to seek knowledge, this counsel provides powerful direction to all.


In the chapter A Pedagogical Method for Day and Night, Ibn al-Jawzi describes the proper way to begin your day to maximise blessings and productivity. Within Knowledge and Practice are Inseparable, he urges us to put our knowledge into practice by holding ourselves to account for our actions and by having good intentions in all that we do.


This small but impactful book is a simple and efficient way to benefit from one of the greatest minds of classical Islam.


Advice To My Son

  • Format(s): Paperback

    Pages: 100

    ISBN 1-905837-05-4

    Dimensions: 141mm (H) x 114mm (W) x 84g

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